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Binance is the world’s most reliable exchange with over 300 cryptocurrencies, where you can buy coins without identification confirmation. When we compare by trading volume, Binance trades more than the top 50 most traded cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Although there are many reasons behind this success of Binance, we can say that it provides its popularity with referral links and low transaction fees.

Sign up with Binance 20% referral link, pay less commission on every transaction you make!

How to create a Binance referral link?

Where do I find the Binance referral share link?” I will explain in detail for those who ask the question. First of all, after logging into the Binance mobile application, you can create more than one reference link by following the arrows in the image below.

“Homepage > Referral > Create Your Referral Link > Determine the commission discount rate that your friend and yourself will receive.” By doing this, you can create a reference link and share it with your friends by preparing an effective content/image from your website and social media accounts, if any.

Binance authorities can set a 41% commission discount rate for website owners who have high follower accounts related to the economy on social media or have a large number of visitors within the scope of “sales partnership – affiliate”. Members can share a maximum of 20% of it.

You can make money even if you don’t have an argument to apply for an affiliate application to Binance. After membership, you are given a 20% commission discount rate. If you wish, you can share 5% or 10% of this discount rate with your friends from the create referral link button.

If I sign up with a Binance referral link, will I earn any money?

  • You do not pay a commission when depositing on Binance.
  • The standard commission rate for buying and selling on Binance is 0.1% (1 per thousand).
  • However, if you hold a small amount of BNB coins, the commission rate drops to 0.075%. So, you get 25% commission discount.

Let’s explain how much commission you will pay with an example: Let’s say you are a member of Binance with a 20% referral link. If you buy Ethereum with the full investment after depositing $1000, the commission you will pay is as follows;

  • The commission you will pay for a $1000 transaction is $1.00.
  • Because you are a member with a 20% reference link, 20% of $1.00, that is, $0.20 will be returned to you.
  • Because I share 20% of the 41% commission discount rate with you, I earn a commission on your transaction of $ 0.21, which is equivalent to the remaining 21%.
  • $ 0.59, equivalent to the remaining 59%, is the commission Binance earned.

“Is there any point in being a member with a referral link for such small numbers?” you can ask. But you can pay a lot of commission because you pay commission on every transaction you make during the day. After you become a member with a referral link, you can see how much commission you earn daily or in total by following the Path “Home > Referral > Commissions shared with you” in Binance app.

When signing up with the referral link, be sure to see the text “Your commission discount rate is 20%” just below the referral ID! If the commission discount rate is not written, it means that the person sharing the link receives the entire commission himself.

After you apply to the Binance Affiliate Program, your membership will be reviewed and your account will be approved if you have an audience suitable for affiliate marketing. Your commission discount rate is then increased to 41%.

If you exceed a certain limit after joining the program, you will earn a monthly bonus in addition to the commission you receive. For example, when people who register with your referral link pay a commission of 15,000 USDT per month, you will earn 4,500 USDT commission income.

Binance also gives you an additional bonus of 1,500 USDT and your total monthly commission income will be 6,000 USDT. Volumes are checked on a monthly basis and bonuses are distributed monthly.

How Do I Earn with Binance Referral Link?

Thousands of Bitcoins have been earned to date with the referral link on Binance. Website owners, people who have a good audience on the youtube channel and people who have a lot of followers on social media share their reference links with their followers and receive a small commission for every transaction made.

  1. By opening an account on Twitter, you can encourage membership with your referral link by sharing in different languages ​​(For example, English, German, French, Russian)
  2. You can add Binance referral link in the article by preparing content in English and foreign languages ​​on free blogs such as,,

After opening a Youtube channel, you can add videos containing basic information such as being a member of Binance, adding stop loss, futures, trading, and add a reference link in the description of the video.

If thousands of people become members and trade with your referral link, you can earn very serious money as in the image below. In the commission ranking list;

  • 1st person won 2905 BTC.
  • 2nd person won 1663 BTC.
  • 3rd person won 1295 BTC.
  • 4th person won 782 BTC.
  • 5th person won 743 BTC.

If we make a rough calculation as of Agust 2021, the commission leader has earned $ 145 million worth of Bitcoin so far.

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